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CfHEDS team meets in Livermore

October 6, 2023

The CfHEDS team gathered for two days of presentations and discussions on our collaborations in research, education, and training, Sept 28-29 2023, at the newly opened University of California Livermore Collaboration Center.


Front row: Brittany Harding, Tony Baylis, Sameen Yunus, Md. Mehdi Masud, Izaiha Martinez, Frank Graziani, Robyn Ware, Ron Williams, Yaye Badjo

Middle row: Jerry Clark, Ronnie Shepherd, William Evans, Jessica Tucker, Nolan Kelly, Charles Weatherford, Hamad Afzal, Tobias Zier, Aurora Pribram-Jones, Paul Grabowski, David Strubbe, Arthur Sheffield, Jamar Alexander

Back row: Eddie Red, Jeff Zimmerman, Felix Kamuche