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Consortium for High Energy Density Science
Objectives: enhance educational opportunities, foster new research collaborations, and produce a sustainable pipeline of new scientists for research at NNSA labs.
Jerry Clark and Ronnie Shepherd at the Jupiter Laser Facility
Clark (Florida A&M PhD student) and Shepherd (LLNL physicist) examine an X-ray streak camera at the Callisto laser. Credit: Jason Laurea/LLNL
David Strubbe and Aurora Pribram-Jones
Profs. Strubbe (physics) and Pribram-Jones (chemistry) are training UC Merced students in simulating HED matter.  Credit: Veronica Androver / UC Merced.
FAMU participants at LLNL
Jerry Clark, Yaye Hamidou Badjo, Daniel Gebremedhin and Edwin Quashie (from left). Credit: Mark Meamber/LLNL
UC Merced visit to LLNL
UC Merced PhD students in physics and chemistry, at the National Ignition Facility on a visit to Lawrence Livermore National Lab, with Tony Baylis and Félicie Albert

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Florida A&M University: Charles Weatherford (PI), Ronald Williams

University of California, Merced: David Strubbe (co-PI), Aurora Pribram-Jones

Morehouse College: Eddie Red (co-PI), Wesley Sims

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: Frank Graziani (co-PI), Ronnie Shepherd, Tony Baylis, Jim Trebes

This work is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration, Minority Serving Institution Partnership Program, under Award DE-NA0003866.

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